Black Plague

by Numerals

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released June 24, 2017

Shipyard Recordings



all rights reserved


Numerals Kansas City, Missouri

Progressive deathcore based in Kansas City, Mo. Founded in 2015, Numerals takes their inspiration from bands that are pushing the genre of progressive metal. Melodic and dissonant, the music is influenced by real world problems prevalent to each member. In your face and full of raw emotion, Numerals leaves a lasting impression even after they leave the stage. ... more

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Track Name: And So Is Your God
To those of you who
Search for gratification
Eat from the hand of
Everything absurd

Come to me if what
You want is salvation
Breathe in my promises
Inhale every word

Why don't I lift of your
Pain and oppression
Put on your garments
And join the fucking herd

Just go numb
As I take possession
Ill make you believe every word
You've ever heard

All your dreams alive
Burning deep inside
Veins it travels through
Death is overdue
Fall with gaping eyes
Watch the children die
Glory in my eyes
No one hears your cries

All your dreams are dead
And so is your God

All of your lives you'll
Run and chase us
You'll never find what it
Is you're looking for

You're pathetic
To even trust us
Cover your neck
I know you've seen it
All before

Your move
The life you made
Is hardly worth the pain
You faced to get here
Or the price you paid

All your dreams are dead
And so is your God
Track Name: Amalgam
Everything you see
Worth something to me
You plague with disease
With disease

Walk about
I will watch you breathe
This lie into me
Lie to me...


Lie to me

Live your lives so full of deception
In your churches full of corruption
Open your eyes maybe you'll believe me
I can't even see how you could ever be so blind

Underline the peak of intention
Your hearts are full of aggression
I can't comprehend your obsession
To take away the happiness of everybody's lives

Blind eyes
They lust for demise
Let me find one excuse
Not to rid them of their crude lives

Take a look at the book you read
Listen to the words you preach
How can you be so hollow
You make a mockery of the God you follow

You think you're awakened
You're sadly mistaken
Just take your last breath in
Pathetic scum
Track Name: Precursor
And so the constant search begins
For the purpose of your skin
You will take the very life

Of your utmost inner man
Know your mind will never win
And your consciousness will give

To the temptations of the
Destructive nature
Of your being
You were born to die

See, do you you find yourself amid?
Do you love the life you live?
Just breathe in

Your empire will fall (all in distress)
Your image will die (in a sickness)
The precursor to all (to the focused)
You will feel me in your chest (torn wide open)

Born to die

Your empire is falling
Your destiny's calling
Feel me in your veins
Restore what's broken

Take your crown and
All rise
Take your prize
All rise
Emperor rise and choose your side

Your empire is on fire
And we're long ways from hell
Track Name: Guardian
I saw you in your time of need
Don't fear your secrets are safe with me
Implanted in you an eternal seed
A glowing fire spreading freely

No greater wealth than the price of life
Eyes like mirrors and molten glass
The days merge into darkened nights
Breathe in, breathe out, let it fade to black

Soon as it sinks you'll feel a sting
No pain, no fame, no misery
The spire, the choir, rot to nothing
With joy rejoice, let the angels sing

Lie in a pile of smoking ash
With faith separate the bone and flesh
The illusion of your free will
Your faith is what caused your blood to spill

No pain, no misery
Breathe in breathe out. Let it fade to black x4

I never thought you'd have the guts to face me
You will remember when you see my face
Track Name: Black Plague
When you sleep
I fill your lungs as you breathe
Give unto to me
I've got something that I need you to see
Inhale, exhale

Get off your knees
I'll take the shackles they've placed on your feet
Let me in
I'll show you what it's like to be free

Drink this glass

Walk, don't you fear me
Watch my eyes closely
Take your steps lightly
You can't believe in me

I feel your heart, it's beating
I feel your faith, it's withering

I'm with you when you sleep
I watch you as you dream
I'm in the air you breathe
The fragrance lingering

Turn back
You can't reset your past